Creating your Wildlife Garden

We should aim to get at least 20 Wildlife Friendly Gardens in the village. If this is done as part of Dorset Wildlife Trust's WFG scheme then you can earn a plaque for your gate if you follow some simple steps.

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Wildlife Friendly Gardens Scheme criteria

To earn yourself a plaque to display on your garden gate or front door you need to send the Wildlife Trust photographic evidence to show that you have six or more items from the list below to include at least one from each column A, B & C then you will be eligible for a plaque.


A wildlife garden need not be untidy! If you like neat lawns and flower beds then choosing nectar plants, suitable shrubs for nesting birds and a few bat and bird boxes all helps. However if you can forget the old fashioned (!) trend of close cut fertlised lawns you can have fascinating wild-plant rich lawns with some tall grass areas that will be great for insects, small mammals, reptiles etc. It is a real treat to watch birds like bullfinches and goldfinches coming down to these patches to eat the seed heads. (All photos on this page taken in my garden!)